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Nobody's Copyright

Let’s see what some wise people, spiritual teachers, say about copyright. U. G. Krishnamurti, the controversial teacher/non-teacher, expressed it this way.

My teaching, if that is the word you want to use, has no copyright. You are free to reproduce, distribute, interpret, misinterpret, distort, garble, do what you like, even claim authorship, without my consent or the permission of anybody (U. G. Krishnamurti, The Mystique of Enlightenment, India. Dinesh Vaghela. Goa. 1982:
clipped from The debate about copyright is one of the most heated on the Internet. Record labels, movie distributors, publishers, news agencies, bloggers and users are involved in a discussion which at times gets aggressive. It seems that virtually everything on the Net is eventually copied, aggregated, cut, pasted and homogenized. There are various sites which aggregate articles by collecting everything being produced by blogs. Every intellectual productio…

Sending Data Other Process Signals

Sending Signals With payload. 1) we can send signal from one process to other along with data. 2) Data can be an int or pointer to some location. 3) For pointer both process should have access to that location, In case of integer, data is part of the signal. 4) There is no provision to include the payload in signal which is sent from kernel. Example: file: first.c #include #include void sighandler(int sig, siginfo_t *info, void *arg)
printf("In Handler value %d\n", info->si_value.sival_int);
struct sigaction sa;
int ret;
sa.sa_sigaction = sighandler;
sa.sa_flags = SA_RESTART | SA_SIGINFO; if((sigaction(SIGUSR1, &sa, NULL)) == -1) {
printf("Can't register handler\n");
for(;;) {
} } file second.c #include

Short Sweet C Functions

One of the short and sweet function which i have written in C language is dotted_decimal_to_string(). This function takes individual fields as inputs returns dotted decimal string. This is used in taking dotted decimal values of network parameters like IP address,IP netmask, IP gateway address, DNS server IP address etc, from the webpage, where these network parameters are individual inputs from a form.
Check out the function.

char *dotted_decimal_to_string(char *pad1, char *pad2, char *pad3, char *pad4)
char temp[40],*ret_string;


ret_string = (char*)malloc(strlen(temp) + 1);

return ret_string;
}The return string is a dotted decimal value for a network parameter and is used to store in configuration file or to use for setting and configuring the Network parameters.
This function stuck to my mind while i was going to bed yesterday. That means, my back-office was working for me, and giving me such…

Booting ARM Linux By Russell King

Booting ARM Linux

Author: Russell King
Date : 18 May 2002

The following documentation is relevant to 2.4.18-rmk6 and beyond.

In order to boot ARM Linux, you require a boot loader, which is a small
program that runs before the main kernel. The boot loader is expected
to initialise various devices, and eventually call the Linux kernel,
passing information to the kernel.

Essentially, the boot loader should provide (as a minimum) the

1. Setup and initialise the RAM.
2. Initialise one serial port.
3. Detect the machine type.
4. Setup the kernel tagged list.
5. Call the kernel image.

1. Setup and initialise RAM

Existing boot loaders: MANDATORY
New boot loaders: MANDATORY

The boot loader is expected to find and initialise all RAM that the
kernel will use for volatile data storage in the system. It performs
this in a machine dependent manner. (It may use internal algorithms
to automatically locate and size al…

Use Of Mount - Accessing Windows Files From Linux

This is pretty good use of SMB protocol aka CIFS.
Windows system are default use SMB protocol to share files over network and with other systems.
In linux one has to run SMB server, one SMB server is running on linux system, one can access the windows file from Linux system using mount.


$mount -t cifs // /mnt/prolent -o user=bhagwat

Usages: is windows machine IP address /bhagwat/firmware is the folder name on windows machine.
/mnt/prolent is the local mount point in linux system. If local mount point is not created, create it using,

$mkdir -p /mnt/prolent

-p option for creating dir /mnt/ if it is not there.

Then provide the usrename on for windows system ie user=bhagwat. press enter, this will ask for the password to enter to windows system. Enter the password and you are ready to use windows files or filesystem from linux.
go to $ cd /mnt/prolent you could see windows files on linux machine.

MSBTE Summer 2008 Result at

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education Results 2008
नमष्कार मित्रानो आपला MSBTE चा नीकाल आनी अधिक माहिती एथे वाचा
MSBTE Summer 2008 Results for Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur
(Semester Pattern - C Scheme)

Direct link;

MSBTE Summer Results for 2008 -

The website has a MSBTE Results Search section where you can get your Summer results

Check out other source of information here

previous update

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Lok Sabha TV Live from All News Channels for Trust Vote

Check latest updates and latest news on Lok SabhaTV Live from All News Channels for Trust Vote news7.parliament news8.zee news9.times now10.ndtv news11.www.ndtv.com12.cnn news16.ndtv live17.latest news18.times of india19.aajtak.com20.india tv
Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee has fixed 6 pm as the time for voting on the confidence motion moved by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

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ibn7 live
ibn7 Live streaming

zee news
Visit Zee News for latest India news, get current news from India and all over the world.

watch lok sabha live
audio lok sabha live proceedings

Wigeon Baldpate

Wigeon are dabbling ducks in the genus Anas. There are three species: the Eurasian Wigeon (Anas penelope), the American Wigeon (A. americana) and the Chilöe Wigeon (A. sibilatrix). Widgeon is an alternative, though archaic, spelling; the American Wigeon has in the past been known as Baldpate.

three wigeon species hybridise in captivity,[1] and American and Eurasian Wigeons hybridise in the wild.[2] An American Wigeon × Mallard hybrid has also been recorded

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5 easy ways to access your bookmarks anywhere

Having full access to your bookmarks wherever you are is now something that most users take for granted. Not so long ago, the only way to really ensure you had your bookmarks with you was to crudely send them to your e-mail account and access them from there. Nowadays, you’re almost spoiled for choice meaning it’s easy than ever to work on the move or check your favorite RSS feeds during a spare moment away from the home or office. And having a way to access your bookmarks from any location is a great way to avoid disaster if your hard drive fails and you lose everything. For desktop PC users, here are 5 of the best: clipped from Having full access to your bookmarks wherever you are is now something that most users take for granted. Not so long ago, the only way to really ensure you had your bookmarks with you was to crudely send them to your e-mail account and access them from there. Nowadays, you’re almost spoiled for choice meaning it’s easy than ever to work on t…

11 Ways to Build an Extraordinary Life

Have a vision for your future... clipped from How can you build the life you want? The answer to that question is different for each of us. But it’s critical that you answer it, because in the answer you will find purpose and meaning. Many of us look for happiness in things, but happiness doesn’t come from things, it comes from how we relate to ourselves and our world. Be True to Yourself Have a Vision for Your Future Avoid Debt Save Continue Your Education Take Responsibility for Change Learn from Mistakes - Build Quality Relationships/Discard Destructive Ones Love: Look for a partner who is on a similar journey as yours, who has similar goals and values, and build on your relationship by giving your love and encouragement Friendship: Look for people with similar values, who give as much as they take, with which you can share interests and hobbies. Do the Right Thing Even When it is Unpopular Honor Your Commitments - Do not make commitments lightly Be Charitable

Avatar 318 Torrent Youtube Collection | Avatar book 4 The Last Airbender

Season 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender (also known as Book 3: Fire), which is an American animated television series, began airing September 21, 2007, and ended on July 19, 2008, with twenty-one episodes aired.

Avatar the last airbender: Book 3: Fire trailer

Avatar the Last Airbender: Book 3

Avatar Series Finale Trailer

another season with Aang is just logical, Aang and even Zuko deserve another season, but this time, Zuko will team up with Aang, trying to take back Ba Sing Sei. Or trying to capture Azula , before she unleash the ''devils'' spirits from the spirit world. Or something like that. Introducing new guys, like the spirit warrior, there are soo many ideas
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Avatar Book 4


Stanley Kamel (January 1, 1943[1] - April 8, 2008) was an American television actor best known for his role on the USA Network series Monk as Dr. Charles Kroger, Adrian Monk's psychiatrist.

Stanley Kamel in Bruce Almighty


Mr. Monk and the Dr. Kroger

Peloponnesian War and Statue Of Liberty Island

Peloponnesian War
The Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC) was an Ancient Greek military conflict, fought by Athens and its empire against the Peloponnesian League, led by Sparta. Historians have traditionally divided the war into three phases. In the first, the Archidamian War, Sparta launched repeated invasions of Attica, while Athens took advantage of its naval supremacy to raid the coast of the Peloponnese attempting to suppress signs of unrest in its empire. This period of the war was concluded in 421 BC, with the signing of the Peace of Nicias.
Peloponnesian War
Liberty Enlightening the World commonly known as the Statue of Liberty presented to the United States by the people of France in 1886. It stands at Liberty Island as a welcome to all visitors, immigrants, and returning Americans. The copper -clad statue, dedicated on October 28, 1886, commemorates the centennial of the United States and is a gesture of friendship from France to the U.S.

Worldwide, the Statue of Liberty is one of t…

TNPSC Results Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission |

Rajasthan Technical University, Kota Results RPET/RMAT/RMCAT

rpet 2008 results of Rajasthan Technical University, Kota:: RPET/RMAT/RMCAT



RESULT RMAT-2008 -::- Online Counseling for RMAT -08

RMCAAT results

Coordinator RPET0744247390007442473901rpet2008@gmail.comCoordinator RMAT0744247390807442473909Coordinator RMCAAT07442473907Controller of Examination0744-3297849,24730160744-2473016,2473931 (Telefax)
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Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), Kota is conducting RPET-2008, RMAT-2008 and RAMCAAT-2008.

VTU - Visvesvaraya Technological University Results 2008 Updated

The results of VTU - Visvesvaraya Technological University Results 2008 are declared

vtu 8th sem results (PROVISIONAL)

B.E / B.Tech VIII Semester results announced for Gulbarga & Belgaum Regions

B.E / B.Tech VIII semester Bangalore & Mysore region results will be announced on 15th & 16th July 2008 respectively

Enter the University Seat No

The official site is coming slow, check above link for direct results.

All the best.

MCAER चा नीकाल आनी admission बधल माहिती |

नमष्कार मंडली आपला MCAER चा नीकाल आनी admission बधल माहिती एथे वाचा
Maharashtra Council Agricultural Education and Research - MCAER, Pune At www.mcaer.mah.nic.incheck information about programs, U.G, P.G, Ph.D courses, admissions & process,
CET. CET 2008 Results also available at www.mcaer.mah.nic.inhttp://mcaer.mah.nic.in Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research (MCAER), Pune is a body which has been constituted under Section 12 of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities (Krishi Vidyapeeths) Act 1983. In exercise of the powers conferred upon MCAER vide provision in the proviso (g) of sub-section 3 of Section 12 of the Act, common regulations for admission to various degree programmes in State Agricultural Universities have been formulated.
Porting Linux
Booting Linux

Introduction 3About boot loader 3Known components of Hardware block 4[ARM926ejs core] 4[Cache] 4[MMU/TLB] 4Linux kernel 5Basic understanding of kernel internal 5Specific patches added in kernel 6Specific adaptions and patches for MCS8140 6Compiling and using Linux kernel 6Debugging kernel 8JTAG- 8Porting Linux step by step 8Step 1 Machine registration 8Step 2 Firmware to kernel transition 8Step 3 Early kernel init 9Step 4 Mapping I/O devices 10Step 5 IRQ setup 10Step 6 system timer tick 10Step 7 board level initialization 11MCS8140 specific peripherals 12Root file system 15Creating a JFFS2 file system 15/bin and /sbin 16About busybox 16/etc 16About /init.d/rcS 17/dev 17/proc 17/tmp 17/var 17/lib 17/mnt 17/modules 17/usr 17/sys 17 Introduction This document contains basic information about what are steps involved in building Linux for MCS8140, this board uses internal boot loader called I-boot and external boot loader cal…