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Friday, July 25, 2008

Use Of Mount - Accessing Windows Files From Linux

This is pretty good use of SMB protocol aka CIFS.
Windows system are default use SMB protocol to share files over network and with other systems.
In linux one has to run SMB server, one SMB server is running on linux system, one can access the windows file from Linux system using mount.


$mount -t cifs // /mnt/prolent -o user=bhagwat

Usages: is windows machine IP address /bhagwat/firmware is the folder name on windows machine.
/mnt/prolent is the local mount point in linux system. If local mount point is not created, create it using,

$mkdir -p /mnt/prolent

-p option for creating dir /mnt/ if it is not there.

Then provide the usrename on for windows system ie user=bhagwat. press enter, this will ask for the password to enter to windows system. Enter the password and you are ready to use windows files or filesystem from linux.
go to $ cd /mnt/prolent you could see windows files on linux machine.

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