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Monday, October 13, 2008

How to Set up vsftpd Virtual Users-ARM-Target-Board

Setting up virtual users, and different home directory for each user using vsftpd.
How to Set up vsftpd Virtual Users-ARM-Target-Board?
1. download and install the ftp server VSFTPD
2. if you are compiling from source, then ensure you enable PAM support, as we will be using PAM (or pluggable authentication modules) to handle the virtual users.
3. If any problem check out this post for porting vsftpd on ARM
4. We need the db3_load(20KB) binary for ARM which also need runtime library(888K) from Berkeley v3 database(ie libdb3-util for ARM).

5. Update the library-libdb3-util and db3_load binary on ARM target board;
6. Create the virtual users database using
$db_load -T -t hash -f logins.txt /etc/vsftpd_login.db
where logins.txt is txt file with the usernames and password on alternating lines
copy this file into /etc/
7. create PAM file from example given,
auth required /lib/security/ db=/etc/vsftpd_login
account required /lib/security/ db=/etc/vsftpd_login
vsftpd.conf - config file for vsftpd

one more real time example

Check out Linux FTP Server Setup
Get The latest stable source code of Linux-PAM is here

for common error like
500 OOPS: vsftpd: cannot locate user specified in 'ftp_username':ftp
Connection closed by remote host.

check out mybookworld site

some know problem
500 OOPS: vsftpd: refusing to run with writable anonymous root

Documentation on Vsftpd
check out vsftpd FAQ
from Linux Home Server HOWTO
Vsftpd setup from NSLU2-Linux

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