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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Linux Foundation Free Training Program at linuxfoundation

The Linux Foundation Training Program is:

* For the Community, by the Community. The Linux Foundation is
building the program with its Technical Advisory Board to ensure the
content, instructors and classes are the top quality available.
* Technically the most advanced. Since the Linux Foundation works
directly with community developers, it can cover features and advances
in Linux before commercial companies.
* Connected. The Linux Foundation has unfettered access to the
leading developers and companies in the Linux ecosystem and will use
these connections to best position attendees for success. For example,
attendees can attend the exclusive, invite-only Collaboration Summit
where they can forge connections beneficial to their career.
* Real World. The Linux Foundation training courses all have hands
on components and a highly rigorous curriculum of programming or
administration exercises. Graduates will be well equipped to master
Linux programming and system administration tasks

The Linux Foundation Training Program will span the enterprise server
and mobile and embedded markets, with courses being offered on the
following subjects:

* The latest filesystems
* Device driver development
* Kernel internals
* Advanced systems administration
* Kernel debugging
* Application development
* Power Management & Optimization

These courses will be provided in three core offerings:

* Training offered at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit
and LinuxCon allowing developers to attend advanced training as a part
of their conference experience.
* Courses held in cities throughout the U.S. and around the world
* Custom courses for corporations who need training to help
advance their developer core
For more information, please contact training (at) linuxfoundation dot org.

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