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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Get HyperSCSI for SAN - Storage Area Network

Get HyperSCSI for SAN - Storage Area Network
SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) family of protocols. HyperSCSI can allow one to connect to and use SCSI and SCSI-based devices (like IDE, USB, Fibre Channel) over a network as if it was directly attached locally.
Why HyperSCSI over iSCSI?
The main advantage of HSCSI compared to iSCSI is
  1. especially a lower network load as well as an end system (server and client) load.
  2. TCP/IP SAN performance is still not good enough without hardware acceleration
  3. FC-based SANs cannot do Storage Wide-Area Networks
  4. Fully functional software implementation of both client and server so HSCSI can be used for a solution built on commonly available hardware, no expensive and specialized hardware is needed.
  5. Therefore, HSCSI can be used for building small and cheap SANs.
HSCSI main disadvantage is this protocol has no official standard like iSCSI nd so it is unsupported in any way by manufacturers developing hardware data storage solutions.
Two modes of operation
one for local access,Local HyperSCSI over Ethernet (HS/eth),
and the other for wide-area connectivity, Wide-Area HyperSCSI over IP (HS/IP).
The reason why I am posting this is, I could not able to locate source code for HyperSCSI easily.
HyperSCSI source code download link for linux
download links

Will post more if get luck while compiling HyperSCSI for ARM target board.


K said...

seems like this code is old and dead - last release 2003-09 - how can you trust it? iSCSI is mainstream linux kernel in comparison. And i cant find any benchmarks comparing hyperscsi to iScsi...

slavi said...

looks like hardware vendors aren't going to embrace the idea of switching their sophisticated, specialized high-price, 'high-tech' SAN solutions in which they've invested so much, for a simple, LAN based, cheap solution that, in my opinion, can easily outperform them both. after all, business's first

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