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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free education on the Internet - Courses, tutorials, and skill-building

"Courses, tutorials, and skill-building activities for today's most important vocational and academic discipline

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  • Free education on the Internet
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    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)
    Modern languages, philosophy,
    critical thinking, grammar & composition ...
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    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Science
    Astronomy, physics, earth sciences...
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    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Astronomy
    astron01.jpg (1350 bytes)

    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Biology (Life Sciences)

    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Chemistry
    chem01.jpg (2738 bytes)

    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Earth Sciences
    EarthSpace01.jpg (4766 bytes)

    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Physics
    science02.jpg (4153 bytes)
    clipped from

    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Health Care
    Anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, dental
    assisting, nursing...
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    sitelogo02.gif (21309 bytes)
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    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)GED &
    College Prep
    Prepare for your GED and get ready for a successful college

    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Electricity
    & Electronics
    Basic DC/AC electronics, digital, Endless Examples and
    Exercises™ ...

    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Computers
    & Information
    Computer programming, databases, office applications...

    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Business,
    Marketing, and Economics
    Management, entrepreneurship, sales, economics...

    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Building &
    Building construction, plumbing, electrical, masonry...

    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Aviation
    Critical first courses for aviation
    technicians and mechanics. The main page also provides information
    about aviation careers and opens a portal to Second Life
    when aviation enthusiasts can design, build, or simply buy-and-fly

    pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)Automotive
    clipped from
    frelogo01.gif (3205 bytes)
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