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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Infosys TCS Wipro Satyam Patani Firing News Not Infy

After yesterday news on HP firing 24,000 employees IT engineers are worried about news on IT companies firing.

HP 25000 Lay-offs -

Satyam 4500 Job cuts -

Wipro - 2500 Job cuts

This is the cycle and everyone has to sustain this problem. If you see the past 10 years record of IT industry it got changed in 2-3 times majorly in 2003. Satyam and Wipro are service based companies if their client is going to the depth of loss then why they bare the loss it is obvious that they will fired the employees.

The recent IT Lay offs is mainly due to US market slowdowns. And as everyone of us knows that the market is never stable. Who knows that though it is down now, it may grow at a remarkable height.

Also, talking about the IT layoffs, apart from job cuts, these companies are also hiring good numbers on the other hand. Their main motto is to kick-off the low performers and bench holders. Since due to market slowdowns, these companies are finding it hard to feed these low performers and bench holders.

Nothing to worry. Hope for the good. Also, if one has the skills, talent, commitment etc , no company can fire him.

This is once again the firing season for IT. Satyam Computers has just started giving pink slips to its employees and around 4,500 of its employees are scheduled to get the boot.
wipro firing
Wipro Technologies has put about 4-5% of its workforce or about 2,400-3,000 employees, under the scanner for non-performance.
tcs firing
In February, TCS had given pink slips to 500 non-performers.
IBM firing
IBM India also asked about 700 employees to leave, citing non-performance.
patani firing
In July, Patni Computer Systems fired 400 employees.

If the going is tough for these bigwigs, what about those in the lower rung? Mid tier companies are also doling out pink slips in all generosity! Hexaware has reportedly booted out 500 people and this does not include the 130 employees to be laid off due to the shut down of its office in Gurgaon. Ramco Systems laid off 142 employees.
Not true news on infy firing
Well infy is not in mood to fire;
And going completely against the tide is Infosys, which is actually planning to hire 25,000 people this year and is also contemplating recruiting about 1,000 more in China over the next two to three years. Infact insosys have lot of project and infy hyderabad is recruiting people like anything; check today times ascent also. Infy hyderabad is all to set its New campus at Uppal hyderabad.
tcs firing, wipro firing, satyam firing, hp firing, infy firing

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ranjan said...

Everybody is firing! The global credit crunch seems to have hit the indian IT majors really really hard! read this website ! Wipro seems to have fired many of its onsite employees

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