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Monday, January 12, 2009

You Can Look - But Don't Touch

That's what the phenomena of shopping spree based on. When they start to use scientific approach to us, which they calling marketing techniques, we have no chance. Much worst when they doing it secretly and in the final end we are realizing that our money

Researchers from Ohio State University and Illinois State University tested
how touching an item before buying affects how much they are willing to pay for
an item.  A simple experiment with an inexpensive coffee mug revealed that
in many cases, simply touching the coffee mug for a few seconds created an
attachment that led people to pay more for the item. 

The results, which were published recently in the journal Judgment and
Decision Making, found that people become personally attached to the mug within
the first 30 seconds of contact. 

“By simply touching the mug and feeling it in their hands, many people begin to feel like the mug is, in fact, their mug.  Once they begin to feel it is theirs, they are willing to go to greater lengths to keep it.”

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