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Friday, June 5, 2009

Xilinx's Interview Questions

Xilinx is the world's one of largest supplier of programmable logic devices. It has started R & D department in Hyderabad, India. It has broad scope for embedded system programming in device driver in linux.

Before the interview you have to feel the Xilinx form with information containing all academic details, current/previous employer, contacts of employer( to check out info about you), current ctc, expected ctc and expected date of joining, etc.

I appeared two back to back technical interviews.

The first interview was taken by a young man look like just crossed 30's.

He asked me to tell me about myself.

Then he asked my experience.

He checked my expertise in resume.

He asked questions about RTOS, and Linux Device Drivers.
What is RTOS ? Define it.
How a linux device driver works?
How a character driver works?

He looked at my project summaries and started to ask in depth questions about each project.

After that he asked me to write to delete nth node from starting in Singly Linked List.
Then asked how would you delete the nth node from ending?

Then he asked to set and reset the nth bit of a byte.

After the first interview the second interview was unexpected for me.
This second interview was taken by a lady in mid 40's.

She asked me about why I chose embedded system as my carriar instead of the post graduation.

She had copy of my resume with her and noted down on resume years when I compledted graduation and diploma.

She asked me my expertise in embedded system.

Then she offered me to choose any of my projects which I did in my previous company and explore about them.

She started grilling on each and every, sentence and words about that project.

At the end she asked me to write a string reversing program as she gave some intial start of the code as

char * strrev( const char * string){


So these are some technical questions were asked me in Xilinx interview.

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