My Tech notes: 6th Pay Commission Notification Released

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Friday, August 29, 2008 6th Pay Commission Notification Released is the official website of Press Information Bureau Government of India. The website provides official press releases and news updates. The website is not coming now, I have seen some of the direct links form ministry of finance website, check out below links.
Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) sixth pay commission notification reports, Information can be obtained from Press Information Bureau or more precise information on 6th pay commission notification is obtained from ministry of finance Govt of india website, one can download full report 6th CPC Report | Annex and study.

The following studies have been taken up by the Commission:

» Studies on Formulating the Concept, Principles, and Parameters for Performance-Related Incentives (PRI) in Government

» Study for Estimating the Compensation Package for Government Employees and the Cost to the Government

» A Study of Terminal Benefits of the Central Government Employees


Sixth Pay Commission notification released - Sixth Pay Commission notification can be accessed at:

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