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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Five mysteries of the universe

The things that look so trivial, and so many times go unnoticed, when one begins to question them, it feels strange and maybe even threatening. Or exciting ?-)
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Five mysteries of the universe

there are scientific phenomena that defy explanation

1 The missing universe

Everything in the universe is either mass or energy, but there's not enough of either
96% of the cosmos is missing
"dark energy" and "dark matter"

2 Life

Next time you see a tree, ask yourself why that is alive when your wooden dining table is not.

3 Death

Here's the flip side: in biology, things eventually die, but there's no good explanation for it
switching genes on and off controls ageing, but if our theory is right, those switches shouldn't have survived natural selection

4 Sex

almost everything in biology uses sexual reproduction rather than asexual cloning
sex is a highly inefficient way to reproduce
At the moment, sex only seems to exist to give males some role in life.

5 Free will

Neuroscientists are almost convinced that free will is an illusion.
our brains allow us to think we are controlling our bodies, but our movements begin before we make a conscious decision to move.
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