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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gear Up for GSoC 2009 Google Summe of Code The Google Summer of Code is a program designed to encourage college student participation
in open source development.
How does it work? Students submit project proposals to the organizations,
organizations rank the submissions (students paired with
mentor from open source community).Google allocates a given number of slots to each
organization, the students work all summer on their project in close mentored collaboration with that organization.
GSoC 2009 Timeline
March 9-13: Google will accept applications from open source projects.
March 13-17: Google program administrators review organization applications.
March 18: List of accepted mentoring organizations published on
March 23-April 3: Student applications acceptance period.
March 23: Student application period opens.
April 3: Student application deadline.
April 20: Accepted student proposals announced at
August 24: Final evaluation deadline.
September 3: Students can begin submitting required code samples to Google.

Google will provide a stipend of 5000 USD per accepted
student developer, of which 4500 USD goes to the student
and 500 USD goes to the mentoring organization.
• Accepted students in good standing with their mentoring
organization will receive a 500 USD stipend shortly after
coding begin.
• Students who receive passing mid-term evaluations will
receive a 2000 USD stipend shortly after the mid-term
• Students who receive passing final evaluations and who have
submitted their final program evaluations will receive a 2000
USD stipend and mentoring organizations will receive 500
USD shortly after the final evaluation deadline.
For more information visit
and apply!
Presentations on the Google Summer of Code Program

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