My Tech notes: Adding Network Printer in MS windows Simplest Way

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adding Network Printer in MS windows Simplest Way

yes you can add Network Printer in MS windows in very Simplest Way. I was allocated a new windows Xp PC, I was waiting for network printer to configure on my new machine. I just tried this simplest way, rather to wait for network admin. My friend also asked me about configuration for network printer and i told him same way, which is worked for him also. Here is simplest way to configure your new printer.

go to start->settings-> Printers and Faxes

Here you can see the default printer name.
Just ask your friend about the name of network printer, and all you have to do is rename your default printer with network printer name, your printer is on. check out this trick works for you also.
Sometimes you need to select the driver for the same, from printer properties-> advanced option.

comment on your tricks also.

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