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Thursday, March 19, 2009

How To Compile Tool Chain For Bootloader

For compiling Uboot 3.4.4 tool chain is required.
Steps to check and change tool chain correspondingly
1) At the bash prompt of your Linux PC, execute the following command.

$ tar -zxvf arm-tools.tar.gz

Now you will have the "arm-tools" folder created in your current directory.

2) Copy the "arm-tools" directory to your home directory (or wherever you
prefer to)

$ cp -rf arm-tools ~/

3) Modify the .bash_profile file in the home directory, by using the following
steps. (Add the following lines in .bash_profile)

$ vi ~/.bash_profile

This will open the file for editing. Make the following changes in the file

export HOME=$HOME/arm-tools
PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin:$HOME/arm-tools/arm-linux/bin:$HOME/arm- tools/image_tools/:$HOME/arm-tools/image_tools/bin

export PATH

Close the ".bash_profile" file.

4) Then execute the command

$ source .bash_profile

5) To check whether arm-tools environment has been properly set or not type the
following at the prompt

$ which arm-linux-gcc

The expected output is as follows:


If the tool chain doesn't get set with by doing above step 5 logout and login
again to the system and repeat the step 5.

check out what is bootloader in embedded system.
Internal bootloader.

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