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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to participate in the Linux kernel community

How to participate in the Linux kernel community? check out A GUIDE TO THE KERNEL DEVELOPMENT PROCESS
Jonathan Corbet has written a very interesting article on "how
to participate in the Linux kernel community"

Section 1 is the executive summary.

Section 2 introduces the development process, the kernel release
cycle, and the mechanics of the merge window.

Section 3 covers early-stage project planning, with an emphasis
on involving the development community as soon as possible.

Section 4 is about the coding process; several pitfalls which
have been encountered by other developers are discussed.

Section 5 talks about the process of posting patches for review.

Section 6 covers what happens after posting patches; the job is
far from done at that point.

Section 7 introduces managing patches with git and reviewing
patches posted by others.

Section 8 concludes the document with pointers to sources for
more information on kernel development.

Please take a look at the complete document at
Please click here to download the PDF version.

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