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Friday, May 23, 2008

c++ text book and some good resources


Data Structures with C++ Using STL, 2nd edition
Ford and Topp, Prentice Hall

Accelerated C++
Koenig and Moo, Addison-Wesley

These books are recommended only. The course will follow primarily the order of the Ford and Topp book, which is available at the bookstore. Some of the lectures are based on material in Koenig and Moo. Students should have available a C++ reference book, such as those by Malik or Stroustrop, and use on-line reference material.

Web Resources

There are also two very good websites you should find helpful:
    The STL (standard template library) programmer's guide at SGI is a good resource for questions about vectors, lists, maps, etc.

    This is an organized summary of the most important FAQ's that have appeared on the C++ newsgroups. Both beginning and advanced students can benefit from it.

Feel free to search for and share other web resources.

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