My Tech notes: Insight debugger making it work under windows for remote debugging- ARM target

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Insight debugger making it work under windows for remote debugging- ARM target

Insight debugger another option

This tool looks promising as can run from windows environment.

Have more options than DDD, like setting up remote target through GUI.

Getting started

Compile Insight to run on windows environment, Insight can be compiled for windows or linux environment,

For compilation under windows environment one needs either cygwin or minGw. I have used cygwin. Packages needed to compile insight are

· gcc,

· binutils

· Insight

· NewLib

Download cygwin from

This downloads setup.exe to your system. Save it and run setup, it will ask for packages to download, select the appropriate tools or install default packages for now.

Note: While upgrading remove all reference to cygwin1.dll from cygwin directory and keep only latest one reference which will be available in x:\cygwin\bin, where x is dir in which cygwin is installed.

Check this link for installation details

There are two ways to get insight work for you on windows machine,

1. Do it by yourself approach

This requires downloading of insight and compile on cygwin,

Compile and build steps are

·         $insight 6.8/configure --exec-prefix=/home/Bhagwat/insight 6.8/build/insight --host=i686-pc-cygwin --target= arm-elf >configure.out 

This will generate makefile, now install insight to create insight.exe

·         $make –w all install LIBGCC2_DEBUG_FLAGS=”g1 o1” LANGUAGES=”c c++” >make.out

Note: These steps assume TCL/TK installed properly, as insight is TCL/TK based GUI.

2. Check for pre-compiled binary of insight

This option requires searching for correct version of insight, which is build with proper versions of other packages,

This can be downloaded from

GNUARM consists of pre-compiled binary distribution. This toolchain consists of the GNU binutils, compiler set (GCC) and Insight debugger. Newlib is used for the C library. The toolchain includes the C and C++ compilers.

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