My Tech notes: Learning ARM linux commands for creating library

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Learning ARM linux commands for creating library

ARM Linux commands starts with arm-linux-* for example compiling source code for ctime.c be

$ arm-linux-gcc -c -o ctimer.o ctimer.c

This linux command generates ctimer.o as output.

I was searching for the ARM-Linux command which will give me library.

$ arm-linux-ar cr libctimer.a ctimer.o

This command gives libctimer.a library to use in ARM linux platform.
Simple usage will be, say this timer library want to use in test.c
Compile test.c as

$ arm-linux-gcc -L. -o tester -I. test.c -lctimer

here . indicates library path, where the library is stored.

And your exe tester is ready.

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