My Tech notes: About thttpd - tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server Configuration

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Monday, June 30, 2008

About thttpd - tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server Configuration

I am newbie for HTTP servers, so I may miss technical words while writing about thttpd web server. I got simple config file from thttpd site
Which is easy for get going, I was in need to put .gif and .jpg images on my pages, which are tested on other webserver boa where all the pages were coming with CSS formating and images. With new installation of thttpd .jpg images and .gif images were not seen and also CSS formating was missing. I discovered about localpat variable from thttpd, one has to give path in configuration file as
to appear images. All images should be read only format. one can use $chmod 644 *.* command to make files read only.
About CSS, just change the format to read only and keep it in www or html folder it starts appearing. well there is not much documentation on the site, hope you will not spend time in digging the things again.

my configuration file looks as below

some nice Features to list about thttpd

thttpd is a simple, small, portable, fast, and secure HTTP server.

It handles only the minimum necessary to implement HTTP/1.1. Well, maybe a little more than the minimum.
See the comparison chart. It also has a very small run-time size, since it does not fork and is very careful about memory allocation.
It compiles cleanly on most any Unix-like OS, specifically including FreeBSD, SunOS 4, Solaris 2, BSD/OS, Linux, OSF.
In typical use it's about as fast as the best full-featured servers (Apache, NCSA, Netscape). Under extreme load it's much faster.
It goes to great lengths to protect the web server machine against attacks and breakins from other sites.
It also has one extremely useful feature (URL-traffic-based throttling) that no other server currently has. Plus, it supports IPv6 out of the box, no patching required.


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