My Tech notes: Using "cvs add" recursively instead of "cvs import"

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Using "cvs add" recursively instead of "cvs import"

You can use "cvs add" command to check-in any big source like linux kernel instead of "cvs import" since the "cvs import" command is creating branches with versions instead of 1.1.

Suppose you want to check-in a large source which is inside a folder name “newfolder”.

To add the folder “newfolder” and it sub-directories into CVS first do

$ find newfolder –type d –print | xargs cvs add

Then to add the files inside the “newfolder” and its subdirectories

$ find newfolder –name CVS –prune –o –type f –print | xargs cvs add

Then we have to commit these into CVS. The “cvs commit” is recursive, so we can give the following command

$ cvs commit –m “comment” newfolder/.

NOTE Please verify if everything has been checked in with these steps by checking out and compiling. I found some files (only which are last) didn’t get added while doing so for kernel. This might be due to very large number of files in kernel source. This is a one time effort and very easy to maintain.


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