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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ans by Bhagavan for Break Thru State

Q - Bhagwan what should we do for an Erect Body
Posture, which in turn will help us to be in permanent
Break Thru state ?

Bhagwan: a) What you must do is, you must not get up late in
the morning. You should always get up before Sunrise. That is
very very important.

b) Most important part is, always the day must begun, with
gratitude to ones parents.

c) Third is, you should never eat till your full stomach. Always
some space should be left empty, while eating.

d) Then at night, before you sleep, you must always sit down for
a moment and see what all have happened during the day and
how was your mind functioning, what all feelings you had, how you
did you escape from your thoughts, its ugliness and then, try to
confront it for some time and then go to sleep. Then you will find
that you are intensly aware of your ugliness and there will be no
conflict at all. Then there will be dramatically change and you will
be progressing spiritually, as well.

If all these is maintained properly, it is more than enough to put
your body into a beautiful rythem and break thru state.

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